Eurofins Agroscience Services provide analytical, regulatory and field support to agrochemical, bio-pesticide, biocide and fine chemical manufacturers and plant breeders. With over 25 years of experience in the crop protection industry, Eurofins Agroscience Services offers outstanding technical knowledge and project management skills. Our service offering is continuously developed by knowledge transfer initiatives between the Group's various centres of expertise across the globe.

Our technical activities involve conducting field and laboratory studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new agrochemicals and crop varieties. Eurofins Agroscience Services operates on a global basis and offers high quality services to support manufacturers through the complexities of the registration process and beyond.

Background and local capabilities in the United Kingdom


In the UK Eurofins Agroscience Services are located in Wilson, just outside Derby in the East Midlands based on a 200ha arable farm with a permanent staff number of approximately 100 people.

We have been carrying out field trials in the UK for the past thirty years and have a high level of technical knowledge across the UK and are able to give a flexible approach to our clients needs.

We have accreditation for efficacy trials and also GLP residues studies. Official recognition for efficacy studies covers Agriculture/Horticulture, Stored crops, Vertebrate Control, Biologicals and Semiochemicals. Our GLP certificate in accordance with Directive 2004/9/EC allows us to conduct GLP residue studies in Analytical Chemistry, Ecosystems and Environmental Toxicity.

Field Facilities


Our facilities at Wilson include three field teams conducting efficacy and GLP residue trials, glass house facilities, growth rooms, field laboratory a range of specialist trials equipment, chemical store and chemical dispatch service. Our field teams are supported in the UK by a specialist equipment team and chemical weighing team.

Along with the field teams based at Wilson we have three regional field Trial Stations based at: Bishop Burton, Yorkshire, Mawdesley, Lancashire and Colchester, Essex. The regional teams have the capability of carrying out both efficacy and GLP residue trials with 2-3 Regional Trial Agronomists based at each Station.

With the experience in the UK we are able to carry out all field trial types in many disciplines including biopesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, PGRs (plant growth regulators), nematicides and molluscicides.

Being based centrally located in the UK and with three regional stations we are able to cover all UK crops including cereals, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, root and forage crops, horticultural plants/shrubs. One of our specialist areas is potato blight trials both naturally infected and artificially inoculated.

Along with trials on arable / horticultural crops we are able to carry out non-cropped / amenity / home and garden use trials, seed treatment and drill trials, variety screens, demonstration trials and succeeding / following crop trials. Other areas of expertise include rain fastness evaluations, semi-field glasshouse experiments, environmentally manipulated studies in growth rooms, operator exposure work and soil dissipation studies.

Our Field Laboratory based at Wilson is able to carry out a range of small pot screening trials in purpose built growth rooms and glasshouses. We also have the expertise to carry out resistance testing / screening for a range of fungal pathogens and also herbicide resistant strains.

Analytical Services


Our UK Analytical laboratory is also based at Wilson and is able to carry out residue analysis on a wide range of pesticides and metabolites using bespoke methods. Analysis can be performed on any crop/analyte combination including crops, soils, waters, air and animal products.

Field specimens are prepared under strictly controlled conditions in order to produce a fine sub sample for analysis which is contamination free.

With highly experienced personnel, methods can be modified to utilise modern technology. Methods can be developed for any agrochemical or metabolite including challenging molecules such as ionic compounds and common moiety methods. Methods can be validated or independently validated.

The laboratory has state of the art technology such as GC-MSD’s and HPLC-MS/MS. In addition new technology to increase automation – online cleanup onto HPLC-MS/MS.

The laboratory performs analytical support for:

  • Residue studies (crop, crop rotation and processing)
  • Soil dissipation studies
  • Operator exposure studies
  • Defoliar residue studies
  • Seedloading

Alongside the Analytical laboratory we have an ELISA laboratory. ELISA can be used to detect and quantify pesticides, transgenic proteins and plant pathogens. The laboratory can support GMO, residue and efficacy studies.

Project/Study Management and Regulatory


On site at Wilson includes a Project and Study Management team responsible for Global and Pan European studies and projects. The teams have the capability of managing a range of programs to support our clients with the aim to achieve the required results and quality for registration packages.

Our Regulatory Team at Wilson offers a regulatory advice service, and can carry out completeness checks on existing data packages to identify data gaps and provide proposals for trials programs to meet necessary requirements. The Regulatory team have extensive experience in the writing of core EU and national Biological Assessment Dossiers. Together with colleagues in other countries they are able to liaise with regulators and organize submissions in the UK, Europe and Non European Countries.

Other Services


Our Group Sales and Marketing, Finance Team, Central Services (which includes Head of Field for the Group and Training and Quality Coordinator) and our Quality Assurance Unit are also based at Wilson.

Please see below contact details for the primary UK location.

Eurofins Agroscience Services Ltd
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DE73 8AG
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1332 864800

Fax: +44 (0)1332 864763

Email: Joe Martin

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